A global business consulting firm with innovative paradigm.

We are a global business and technology consulting firm that brings innovative paradigm to business situations. We partner with our clients to work on the most challenging issues that businesses are faced with today. Our teams fully participate with our clients to understand the real business issues and provide practical, realistic and implementable recommendations that are backed by research based analytical data. 

At Indigm, We are passionate about solving the challenges that the world faces and also provide innovative paradigms to those challenges. Innovative Paradigm is what Indigm stands for and consistently works towards delivering innovative solutions and putting forward different paradigms. At Indigm we create better and more effective products, processes, services and ideas that are readily available for use by business and technology. 

Technology Consulting 

Business today is highly dependent on technology and the quality of technology products and solutions is key to drive change and be successful in the global business environment. Our technology consulting services focuses on advising best use of information technology that meet our clients business objectives. Read more... ยป

Business Consulting 

Business Consulting is at the core of inDigm's priorities. We deliver value and strategic agility to our clients.Our experience of delivering business and strategy consulting services to various clients in North America and the Asia-Pacific region help our clients identify high-value opportunities and address critical challenges. Read more... »

Process Consulting 

Organizations today have outsourced a sizable part of technology services and are in the process of outsourcing more than the typical technology services. With pressures on bottom-lines even higher, and in order to be competitive organizations are exploring areas of efficiencies and non-core business processes that can be outsourced to external expert organizations. Read more... » 



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